Advantages of neoprene

- Nov 01, 2016-

With strong crystallization of CR, reinforcing good performance, Intermolecular forces, forces between molecules easily slips. Therefore, the rubber and natural rubber are close to the physical and mechanical properties of pure after curing tensile strength, elongation at break even higher than natural rubber, reinforced neoprene rubber with carbon black, its tensile strength, elongation at break is close to natural rubber. Other aspects of performance, such as elasticity and tear resistance to neoprene after natural rubber is superior to synthetic rubber, its wear resistance is close to natural rubber.

In heat, and resistance ozone, and resistance weather aging performance aspects, its heat sex and NBR quite, can in 150 ℃ Xia short-term using, in 90~110℃ range within of using time can up 4 months of long; resistance ozone, and resistance weather aging sex after b c rubber and butyl rubber, far is better than other General rubber; resistance chemical corrosion sex and the resistance water is better than natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber (but on oxidation sex strong of material, its anti-patience poor).

Neoprene oil resistant, non-polar solvent resistance are good, second only to the nitrile rubber is superior to other General rubber. In addition to aromatic vinyl and vinyl halides oils, neoprene is very stable in the other non-polar solvents, rubber has only slight swelling. In addition, the rubber gas tightness is also very good, second only to the butyl rubber, 5~6 times greater than natural rubber gas tightness.

CR released in the burning effect of hydrogen chloride, therefore, although the fire can burn, once cutting off sources of ignition immediately went out of itself. Resistance to flame-retardant General rubber of the rubber is the best. Due to neoprene rubber with good adhesive properties and is widely used as an adhesive. Synthetic rubber adhesive of neoprene adhesive 80%, characterized by high bonding strength, wide application, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, oil resistant, flexible and easy to use (usually sulfide is not required).

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