Chloroprene rubber applications

- Nov 01, 2016-

Neoprene can used to manufacturing tire tire side, and heat transport with, and resistance oil resistance chemical corrosion of rubber tube, and container lining, and washer, and rubber Board, and rubber roll, and car tractor accessories, and wire and cable of wrapping rubber layer, and rubber dam, and various sealed article, and has flame retardant requirements of rubber products and the dedicated type products (as resistance high temperature, and increased hard and stick received agent, products).

1, CR122 CR: belts, conveyor belts, wire and cable, oil resistant rubber sheet, oil hoses, seals and other rubber products.

2, CR232 CR: cable sheathing, oil-resistant rubber tubes, rubber seals, adhesives, etc.

3, CR2441-2442 CR: production of raw materials for adhesives, metal, wood, rubber, leather and other materials of bonded.

4, CR321 type 322 CR: cables, rubber, plain, and oil resistant hose, oil resistant rubber boots, air tube, ponchos, tents etc.

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