Development of rubber industry in China

- Nov 01, 2016-

China Guangdong brothers oak company started rubber industry since 1915,, born in Shanghai in 1934, the first tire after more than 90 years, has built rubber industrial power in the world, ranks first in the world rubber consumption since 2002, 2005 tire world, mainly non-tire rubber products such as
Hose, tape, rubber shoes and other products are the first in the world. China's rubber consumption in recent years the average annual increase rate of about 8%. Rubber consumption symbol is a measure of the rubber industry, in 2008 the world rubber consumption by about
22 million tons, 5.5 million tons in China, more than 1/4 of the world. China in 2008 totaled 350 million tires, radial tires 265 million, over 75% of Meridian tire
Accounting for about 40%.
Although China's rubber industry since the second half of 2008 by the international financial crisis, but the rubber industry increase before 2010 is expected to remain for about 10%. Rubber
Sustained and stable development of the industry and the automotive industry, transport, including road and rail development is closely related. In 2008, China has become the world's second-largest car producer, car output reached 9.43 million
In 2009, has more than 10 million vehicles. Development of the automobile industry, transportation on rubber products and supporting materials put forward higher requirements, high quality rubber chemicals is one of the rubber industry development Foundation.

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