Disadvantages of neoprene

- Nov 01, 2016-

Neoprene cold (the temperature range is generally not lower than-281), poor electrical insulation, at the time of processing temperature-sensitive (as plastic, mixing temperatures sticking when temperature exceeds the elastic State, makes it difficult to operate). Due to the large Crystal orientation, after long-term storage, the rubber will gradually harden, resulting in reduced adhesion, cause difficulties for forming (especially W-CR).

Chloroprene rubber storage stability of poor plastic drops, the hardness increases, the scorch time and cure rate accelerating phenomenon, is in the process of compound of reduced liquidity, adhesive more inferior and extrusion of plastic surface rough and easy to Coke-fired blanks and semi-finished products, serious results in the scrap rubber compound. Chloroprene rubber storage stability because it varies depending on variety, type 0 CR at 30 ℃, storage time less than 10 months, but double storage time can be as long as 40 months.

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