Functional fabrics and what?

- Nov 01, 2016-

Quick-drying fabric:
1, functional fabrics have any effect? This fabric of the dress is very comfortable to wear, sweat during exercise not just bring discomfort to us;
2, this material can make the body sweat faster into the clothing's surface;
3, which uses special texture you can export excess sweat to the skin's surface fabric outer layer;
Anti-UV fabric:
1, wore the fabric of the garment is no need to worry about the skin Sun-SA-sunburn;
2, the fabric UV protection (UPF 30+), you can better protect the skin from UV damage;
3, woven or knitted Sun material depends on the fabric of the transfer, absorption, reflection UV ultraviolet Hyvent;
Waterproof, breathable fabrics:
1, functional fabrics have any effect? Wearing this clothes outdoors, even when it gets heavy rain without worrying about being wet;
2, polyurethane, PU coating, water-resistant, breathable coating;
3, ePTFE[1] coating with good water resistance and breathability, water resistance? ~ +260 ° c-250 ° c temperature range, stable performance;
4,----outer three-layer structure, light wear-soft nylon. In middle management, expanded PTFE material. Very light and very thin coating, ePTFE coating, lining, lining, protective coatings and to prevent adhesions and clothing.
Windproof fleece fabric:
1, functional fabrics have any effect? In cold weather, meet the requirements of outdoor sports on windproof and warm;
2, with excellent wind and thermal properties;
3, is specific to the TNF windproof fleece fabric
Fleece fabric:
1, outside in the winter? can meet the requirements of campaigners to keep warm;
2, is a fabric heat preservation performance is good

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