Variety of neoprene and classification

- Nov 01, 2016-

Neoprene varieties and grades can be divided as follows:
① divided by molecular weight control of sulfur-modified, non-sulfur-modified, mixed control type.
② crystallization speed and size into a quick crystallization, slow medium-crystalline and crystalline.
③ by crystallization speed and size is divided into quick crystallization, slow medium-crystalline and crystalline.
④ by Mooney viscosity level divided into high Mooney, Mooney and low Mooney type.
II according to the old agents are divided into pollution-proof type and non-polluting.

For advanced fire Board, aluminium composite panels, plywood, crafts, fabrics, interior decoration, forming curved fire Board, kitchen cabinets, antistatic machine room floors, PVC plate bonding; high sofa thick skin and rough skin, high chair molding foam latex sponge, high sofas, oily materials such as foam bonding, is the choice of furniture manufacturing. Can also be used for belts, conveyor belts, wire and cable, oil resistant rubber sheet, oil-resistant rubber tubes, seals and other rubber products.

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