Why composite fabric and waterproof breathable fabrics?

- Nov 01, 2016-

Composite fabric and waterproof, breathable fabric, is a new type of textile fabric, its composition by polymer waterproof, breathable material (PTFE or TPU film) plus fabric composite fabrics together. The main function of waterproof breathable fabric: waterproof, breathable, breathable, insulating, windproof, warm. Speaking from the production process and technical requirements of waterproof breathable fabric to waterproof fabrics are much higher than the average and from a quality perspective, waterproof, breathable fabric with other waterproof fabrics do not have functional characteristics. Fabric composite, composite together in short is two or more fabrics. But complex has different methods, depending on the purpose and requirements of customers choosing how to composite, flame, ordinary composite, hot-melt Adhesive green compound this in several ways.
A functional fabric (TPU film/fabric) fit processing.
Features: waterproof, anti, corrosion-resistant, breathable, breathable, warm, cold, aging resistant, washable, good compression, no froth, environmental protection, and fabric known as breathing.
Second, various patterns of high frequency embossing (wireless quilting) compound.
Features: soft, washable, fastness, icing on the cake, and environmental protection.
Three, cashmere, fleece, suede, plush, stretch fabric and ultra thin, ultra thin, ultra soft fabric composite processing.
Features: soft, smooth, washable surface.
Product application: clothing, hats, bags, toys, arts and crafts, baby products, home textiles, bedding, mattresses, sofas, fabric industry, defense, medical and other fields.

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